Reflections #3: Writer's Block and Tips to overcome it


I know, I know- it's a little cliché isn't it- writer's block. But as you lovely fellows probably know, it's all too real. For example, when you have a rather important essay due and you just sit and stare blankly at an empty document and the only thought that is clear in your head is 'Oh God, I've forgotten how to essay, what is wrong with me, who am I?'
Okay it's probably not that bad but still- it can be proper daunting!

Recently, all I seemed to be doing was staring at a depressingly empty page without a single idea about what to write. There's nothing like lack of creativity to make me feel all kinds of incompetent. 

Nevertheless! I have found a few things that work for me to get the 'creative juices flowing' (that sounds a bit urgh eh!) and be more productive.

1. The main thing is not to compare yourself to others. Comparing your writing to someone else's and looking for inspiration are two very different things. Comparing yourself can make you feel inadequate and put you off writing. 

2. Another thing is not to put pressure on yourself. If you expect to write masterpieces the moment you put pen to paper, it could put you off from the actual act of writing. 

3. It might seem odd, but write anything. It doesn't have to be excellent and all that, just make sentences, create (and I repeat) anything that doesn't require much thinking.

4. Lastly, don't force it. Trust me even if the deadline is looming dangerously and you are sitting there on the verge of tears and no ideas are coming, the best thing to do is just close the blasted laptop and take a break- leave the area you're working in and take a walk or something. This tends to works for me every time.

What things do you do to overcome writer's block?

Ta ta for now!