Topshop Blush in Neon Rose-Review and Swatches

Hello there!

Today's beauty offering is a lovely coral-pink blush in Neon Rose. As you probably know Topshop Cream blushes are a cream to powder finish so they're easy to work with-though you don't have that sheen that comes with an actual cream blush.

It's quite a bright colour- especially for my dark skin but since my cheek area is lighter than the rest of my face (finding the right foundation colour is a bleedin hassle) when you blend it in- it looks like the most beautiful natural flush of colour. It even appeared in my December Favourites (¬.¬) and since I've used it on several different skin tones- I can confidently say it works for a wide range of skin tones. :)

I couldn't find it online! But I'm sure you can get it in store since I remember seeing it recently.



One of those rare beautiful days

Long time no see eh! Well for once I have a legitimate excuse for neglecting this blog- which you can read HERE.
In other news- I've made a few changes around here and am finally starting to get a tad happier with how it looks. You may have noticed the Google Friend Connect is on it's way out  *wails* so if you want to still read this shambles of a blog (promise it's going to get better) you can follow on Bloglovin HERE.

Also just wanted to say thanks to you lovely folk for still sticking around and now that I'm finally motivated again, there's going to be a lot more activity around here!

Lots of love etc.


Reflections #2 - Dissertation

DISSERTATION... one word that struck abject fear in me I kid you not. For the best part of two years I dreaded reaching third year simply because of what I had seen the final years go through.

Now that I've finished uni and all- I can tell you... it's not that bad. 
The key, my young grasshoppers, is to choose a topic that interests you- otherwise writing up to 10,000 (depending on your degree) words on something you dislike or aren't bothered about will be umm hell. 

 It will slowly take over everything- it will always be in the back of your mind-regardless of what you're doing. But then, that's the same for all important life-impacting (such as job interviews, exams etc.) things. 

Okay it's a bit worse- but honestly it's doable. Even if it does sometimes feel like your brain/body will soon give up on you. 

For me, the closer it got to the deadline the more it consumed my...everything. And to top it all off, I had to hand in two other massive research projects in the same week. Needless to say, sleeping was a beautiful thing of the past. 

To be frank, yes it was unbelievably hard and sometimes I felt so much like giving up and just be done with it-it was a bloody emotional roller coaster ride I'll tell ya! 

But when it was all bound and handed in, I swear church bells rang and angels sang- (I kid, there were no church bells). All jokes aside, I was so bloody proud of it and it all somewhat seemed worthwhile- even if I did feel like I wanted to add more- nothing can beat actually seeing it. Finished. Glorious feeling that.

 (Side note; I had actually become emotionally attached to the thing-couldn't let it go for the lady to stamp and all- and after had this emptiness in my chest where apparently the knot of fear and worry had been- yes I do realise I'm a weird nutter)

So in conclusion, the last coupla months consisted off:


                                                                 A lot of this:
Sleepless nights, occasional bouts of crying, existing solely on junk food and explaining random ideas and thoughts about the developments of social class, accents, police procedures and what not- at length - to whoever would listen or muttering it to myself-sometimes on the bus (like I said- right nutter here) and obviously awesome people around me and my patient supervisor- all led to this:

                                                         'Guilty Accents' 
We'll ignore the hideous binding.
and a 2.1 Alhamdulilah (praise be to God) J

Until next time,