A small glimpse into what the last coupla months have been filled with ¬.¬

This post was to be penned many moons ago (slightly exaggerating here) but I got somewhat sidetracked by all the... freedom-  like a beautiful cool breath of fresh air, I kid you not!
 I whiled away the time on you know 'important' (read meaningless) things such as YouTube and finally reading (fiction) books after getting serious withdrawal symptoms- I may have squealed in the library...quietly of course. 

Anyhow- the point of this post is to simply say that I have finally thank the Almighty seen the back of final year and survived! I feel like this is a significant achievement that should really be celebrated non? You know screaming 'I survived!' at random intervals and doing a happy dance while deliriously giggling to yourself... k, just me then. 

Now that I'm, you know, freee I shall be blogging more regularly inshAllah (God willing). For those of you who are still in the depths of exam/essay despair fear not! You can do this! Good luck! 

Until next time,