C'est la vie

'Good Morning Sun
You better rise and you better shine today'
(Kay Starr-It's A Good Day) 
I'm tired of robotic-ly churning out essay after essay. I'm tired of doing my dissertation- it's sucking the life out of me-and am sure the rest of the final years. The end is tantalisingly close yet painfully far. At the same time, the topic is so interesting. But condensing all the research that's been done and all is doing my head in! 
I'm sure I could wax lyrical about accents/social class/police interviews and the like, but I'm starting to question my ability to write a 'first class' essay.
 Regardless, I'll still be giving it a bloody good try since the end is neigh (not sure how I feel about ending uni life but that's a topic for another day!). 
So الله المستعان (Allah/God help me) and carpe diem and all of that :)- really trying to motivate myself here... 

Here's hoping I get on top of it all!