Obsessing over:

Loved these! 
Getting back into reading! It's bad timing but hey ho better late than never eh! Even if I should be knuckling down to do all my uni work, I can multitask sort of.

Current go to lipstick.
I've been trying to rotate the lipsticks I use, found this gem and I've finally found a way to make it work for me needless to say love it! 

Hero in a tube I'll tell ya!
I have mildly sensitive lips and they react badly to several lip balms and I've been trying to find one that doesn't give me an allergic reaction and moisterises etc. and this is essentially the 'answer to my prayers' thank the lord! :)

Istanbul! Oh how I miss thee!
 We went to Istanbul in the summer for a few days and my God is it beautiful. It is drenched in history and is a mix of the old and new. I think I'm going to dedicate a whole post to this magical place (least of we thought so!). 

Slightly over dosing on these!
You know you're never too old for sweets, as long as you take care of your teeth and all you'll be fine! Well that's my way of thinking, so I don't feel guilty. Ever since I was small I loved the jelly sweets you know like gummy bears etc. then I grew up and realised that most sweets like that I can't have because they have gelatine in them and all. Now there's halal ones and I'm essentially making up for lost time! Oh and did you know there are now HALAL Haribos?

 *faints with joy*