#1 Hunger Games Trilogy

Hey There!

So I recently finished reading the Hunger Games (recently being months ago) and it released the inner (and highlighted the outer) geek in me.

 I love books. It’s a statement and a declarative. I love the smell of well-thumbed, slightly dog-eared books that have been read and loved. Seriously, I’m extremely anti-Kindle. It doesn't compare to cuddling up with a good book and turning the pages with these magical things called fingers. I digress.
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Needless to say, there are some good books and bad books. There are good books that capture your interest and flow and then there are good books. The kind of book that appears in every say 10 books. Rare as pearls, magical, special and mind blowing. I know, it’s a book but like I said earlier I love books so this fanatic-ness is to be expected really. 

But seriously, I’m sure you’ve read a book that really grips you and you’re drawn into the world that is being described. The characters become so real to you and everything that happens to them you feel. Everything else pales in comparison to the drama and intrigue unfolding in this world. The rare times you have to stop reading, it still plagues your mind. Or am I the only one like this? The kind of story that even when you finish the remnants of the magic of the book is still with you and it slowly fades away. 

Anyhow, God I go on! The point is the Hunger Games trilogy fits the bill. It was all kinds of gripping! I’m sure by now you've read it and/or watched the movie.

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Set in the future, in Panem, where everything is controlled by the Capitol, the world is divided into 12 districts. The Hunger games is an annual event where 2 tributes (one boy and a girl) from each district have to fight each other to death. 

All I can say is - read the book, there's intrigue, love, adventure, excitement; it might make you laugh, it might make you cry and you might fall in love with the characters. You and I might have different tastes, but I love it and you might too.
credits: weheartit