Reflections #1


001. I want a toned body with abs of steel (HA!) but I'm far too lazy and too fond of my junk food (how can I cut back on the gorgeousness that is Kit Kat peanut butter chunky?) to do anything about it. 

002. Exercise eludes me-determination and persevering are not in my dictionary. The rare times I try to exercise-like today-the physical pain and grunting involved as I strain to lift myself off the floor (I can barely do 1 push up -pathetic!) illustrates that any sporting/strength gene in my family has bypassed me in favour of the rest of my siblings. 

Thought according to my parents I used to be the most active, hyper kid so maybe said gene is now dormant. The only time I can do anything remotely active is if there's someone standing over me-yelling military style- I kid you not. Fear is really a powerful driving force. Even if the source is pint sized and I look down on from my lofty almost 6ft height.

003. I'm too good at excuses. The main one being that it doesn't matter, I'll start martial arts again and it'll all drop off'. The second one- gah! Why is martial arts so freaking expensive! I'll just wait till I get my student grant. 

004. I really want abs. You know that lean kinda stomach with the elongated belly button because the muscles are so damn toned? Really? No idea? Well I want that!

005. The only thing I enjoy is swimming. But the nearest leisure centre now has male lifeguards. WHY?!? It's women only! (muslim=hijab so big no no!)

So, I have a new plan now. Running up & down the stairs every morning and night. You know prepare myself for when I eventually start martial arts again and this time the Sensei won't have to yell much at me! Great plan eh! I'm going to start it tomorrow!