Feeling ill? Google is not the answer!

Hi there!

Have you ever felt unwell and thought why go to the doctor's when I have the bleedin internet? No...? Okay. Just me then.

Well let me just tell you in advance-avoid googling your symptoms- under no circumstances should you do that! You will convince yourself that you're on the verge of death! You have been warned! 

Being the hero I am, coupla months ago I had a really bad stomach, I'm not going to go into details! Let's just say I became very acquainted with the toilet- make of that what you will!
So I thought hey, I'll just google my symptoms and not go to the doctors! How clever am I!  

After hours of researching, each solution worse than the last, I had come to the conclusion that I either had pancreatic cancer,bowel cancer and/or colon cancer! Each involved cutting things out of my stomach if I remember correctly and sticking things up places that are better left alone. 
Needless to say after two weeks of agony, fear of the doctor (hello sticking things up places!) and waiting for my inevitable death, it all just turned out to be that apparently Pepsi and my stomach don't work too well together. Especially if large quantities are consumed.

Moral of this story?
I shouldn't drink Pepsi.