Dear 14 yr Old Self

It's 2012 now and you're 20. Not that many people will believe you. Also, your 'baby' sister is actually now in Yr 8, the only boy in your family has started college and your other sister has started uni. Yes time flies. 

Now let's talk about you. I don't know how to put it, but grow a backbone love! Seriously who cares that your 'friends' are really the meanest, lowlifes the world has ever had the misfortune to see? So what if everyone thinks you're slightly odd and a whole lotta weird? Being nice and everybody's friend doesn't always mean that everyone will be your friend or for that matter be nice to you! 
Don't beat yourself up about it! It will get better! (Except in Yr 10 STAY AWAY from the new girl and the 'crew', trust me on this one! And you need to become less naive!)

Be strong, it's one girl whose causing you all that grief. Granted she could get a medal in bitchiness (excuse me) but I'll let you in on a little secret; Yr 10 she'll be a nobody just have patience, although you'll dislike her for most of your life. Don't worry I'm working on getting over it!

I'm sorry that your 3 yrs at secondary school have been miserable but even if school's not the best, at least you have loads of actual friends outside of school. Be grateful for them, without them, I don't know what you would become.

You know that belief you have in your abilities? Hold on to it! Even if your class and your teachers don't believe in you. Oh and Hooyo (mum) will become your rock, be mindful of the stress you've put her through, be thankful for her and once in a while come downstairs and try to be happy, only for her sake? She's saving you from depression love, you just don't know it yet.

14yr old me, I'm here to tell you that believing in yourself pays off. Even if only education wise. You'll have a happy ending (sort-of). You'll go to college and you'll have the best two years of your life (so far) and meet some of the most amazing people, you'll be studying subjects you love, you'll have teachers that actually believe in you and bring the best out of you and you wanna know who everybody's best friend is? You. You'll even win an award (Oscar's style because of your grades!). You'll go to the best uni and meet even more awesome people and make all kinds of memories. 

So just hold on and have patience, it's all going to turn out okay.


Ps. Stop kidding yourself, you're not going to be a soldier or a marine biologist or forensic scientist or CSI...