Brows, brows, brows: HD Brows kit in Vamp

Hola mi frambuesas!

I just called you a raspberry, you don't mind do you? La frambuesa-such a pretty word! Go on say it! *cough* I digress!

Please ignore the lid-I got nail polish remover on and it left a lovely grey patch!
 You know how nice brows frame your face? Well I've been blessed with sparse misshapen brows. Not only that, but I'm lucky enough to have one eyebrow that is permanently raised (fun fact; I can't physically raise that one, how fascinating am I HA!). Saddest thing? My brother has two perfectly arched brows and my sister has perfectly curved brows. I have one of each. Wanna see?

They look okay here, but in reality-I look a tad bald and half surprised! So the only solution (apart from threading and all of that which apart from being a right chicken, I'm sure that if any part was removed I'll wind up with no eyebrows) is filling them in. 

I got this handy little palette; 'HD Brows kit in Vamp' in a blog sale. I use the colour Dark Brown (which should really be called grey) with the E.L.F Small Angled brush. Truth be told I haven't got the hang of it quite yet. I had taken an after picture but being a hero, I deleted it! (hangs head in shame). But here's a 'professionally' cropped picture!

I haven't gone all the way in because whenever I do I look like I have a uni brow!

The shadows can be used to fill in the eyebrows, as eye shadows and as eyeliner just to add extra definition. It also comes with a mirror. Pretty compact and useful for on the go, for example blending a little Rich Brown or Carbon into your crease to take your makeup from day to night-such endless possibilities!
Onto swatches! 
Lightly swatched

Heavily swatched
There are three different ones-Bombshell, Foxy and Vampy, each catered to different hair colours. Vampy is the one for dark hair. You can get it here for £19.96. Pretty steep but oh so worth it! 

What do you use for your eyebrows? Or are you one of those blessed with perfect brows?