17 Lipstick in Belle

Hola mi lovelies!

Excuse the label-forgot to take it off!
 I wanted to share with you one of my recent favourites! I've been wearing 'Belle' almost daily. It gives me a subtle tint and being from the 17 Mirror Shine On range, it's glossy. 

It such a perfect everyday colour and suits many skin tones! This might be because it's sheer and the colour in the tube doesn't translate onto the lips, instead it's lighter, giving a soft hint of colour.  

However it does have it's downsides! 
1. Due to it's glossiness, it doesn't last very long. But being so sheer, you don't have to faff about with a mirror to apply it. 

2. The smell is not too strong but it has a plastic sort of scent that am not too fond of. 

3. Also, it's very soft and melts fast! Really, mine is now a mess! 
4. Some people may not be too fond of the packaging, though personally I quite like it!
5. Not too moisturising. However applying a little lipbalm before hand solves this one! 

On the upside though, for the grand price of £4.59 you get pretty good quality lipstick/lipgloss hybrid that isn't sticky or heavy and suits almost everybody! 

You can find these in Boots or here.

 What are your favourite everyday lipsticks?