Wishlist #1

Hey lovelies!

So I thought I'd show you a few things I've been wanting nay needing

1. YSL Touche Eclat: This is the one thing I really want need. I've been looking for a good concealer that hides my dark, dark circles and apparently this does just that! So why not try it eh! Well...even though it costs over £20 pounds-I may just treat myself to it!

2. This bat wing style top is so perfect! Especially since it goes in in all the right places for my tall, curvy self! 

3. Bioderma: I have heard so much wonderful things about this cleanser! It has done the rounds in the blogsphere countless of times and I'm itching to try it and see if it's as good as everyone says. Too bad it's hard/a hassle to get hold of in the UK!

4. YSL rouge volupte: Another YSL product! I'll tell ya it's been downhill for me since I tried the foundation and now have some kind of 'taste' for luxurious products! The packaging, oh the packaging it is the epitome of luxury- in my opinion! The lipstick itself is creamy with a fruity kinda scent. But the price is so painful! Then again I've been wanting this for a very long time so here's hoping I win the lottery!

5. Real Techniques Core Collection: These are by Samantha Chapman-of the pixiwoos-need I say more??

6. I adore (I also adore italics :D) this skirt. Especially the pretty birds that go so beautifully with the navy colour. It's also high waisted and is on sale. WIN WIN! Thought I'm meant to be on a spending ban...

                          So what things have you been wanting? 


E.L.F Mango Madness

Hi there!

I was looking at my nail polishes and I saw E.L.F's Mango Madness. I used to wear this colour all the time! But for the past how many months I've been obsessed with mint green and lilac and have worn rarely anything else. So for old times sake I though I'd wear it. My oh my is it bright! It's a coral but leaning heavily towards orange-it's much brighter in real life and perfect for summer. Too bad we're not getting much sun thought! 

So what are you lovely people wearing on your nails??



Team GB!!



So Britain is going ga-ga for the Olympics and I have been well and truly bitten by the sporting bug! 
Now before the opening ceremony I was very blasé about it all and now I'm following the medal count and the games with baited breath! This might have something to do with the fact that this is the first Olympics I've ever watched and it is being held in Britain! 
There is something so inspiring about seeing the athletes, who have been training for this moment for so long, their dedication and seeing their reactions when they win for their country. We're being given a glimpse into the greatest moment of their life. They're living their dream. 

Yet at the same time, it makes me wonder what I'm doing with my life. Will I achieve my dreams? Are they even achievable? Realistic? Then yesterday, that wonderful historic Saturday, made me realise I can be whoever I want to be as long as I give it my best shot because if GB can win six Olympic GOLD medals in one day, and if one of those can be won by a Somali-Brit in the 10,000m, maybe this Somali-Brit can the travel world, become a journalist and change the world. 


Battle of the Cleansers!

The cleansers

The cleansers in question are the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing water and the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm (phew! What a mouthful!).
Now, I've been using the Emma Hardie cleanser for a long time since I got it in the Feel Unique beauty box ( a minute of silence please for this wonderful box, it was good while it lasted!) and the No7 cleanser I got more recently. For me there is a clear winner but admittedly each cleanser does have its advantages.

                             No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water:
Price: £9
Available at: Boots or Boots.com
The Product: It's all in the name! This is a water based cleanser that can be used either with a cotton pad or your hands to cleanse and refresh.
Pros: Well I had to rack my brains for this! The price is a clear advantage as it costs less than a tenner and with the occasional £5 off vouchers Boots have, it costs a mere £4. It's easy to use as it has a pump and you just need cotton pads or you can use your hands. Much easier than a bleedin muslin cloth which is wonderful and all but gets so dirty and nothing irritates me more!

Cons:  The smell! Oh Lord it is strong and very alcoholic! As in medicinal alcohol. However, I think I may just have a very sensitive nose as my sister didn't find it too bad. 
When I use it, it feels like it is stripping my skin of everything thought I think this has to do with the smell. Yet when I used my EH cleanser over this, there was still residue on the muslin cloth. 
Final Thoughts: For me, I'm not too fond of this and would probably not repurchase. Nonetheless keep in mind that we all have different skin types so it may work for you!

                                         EH Cleanser
Price: £34 
Available at: Feelunique.com
The Product: A cleansing balm which is used with a muslin cloth to cleanse, moisturise amongst a host of other benefits. 

Pros: It feels gentle and wonderfully soothing and leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and glowing. You only need a tiny amount which you mix with a few drops of warm water, massage into your skin and then using a muslin cloth to wash it off. I adore this product and I really don't want it to finish! It takes off all the grime of the day and leaves my skin feeling fresh and lovely. 
Cons: It costs a painful £34!

Final Thoughts: Frankly I'm rationing it as it costs so much! But it does last forever and actually does what it says so I might just buy the full size! 

                  Verdict: EH cleanser wins by a milestone :)

I hope you liked this essay of a post and tell me in the comments what your favourite cleansers are?