MAC lipstick obsession

So hi there!!!

 I know I know. I suck at blogging but I have a plethora of blog posts, okay maybe just two or three but you know it's something eh?
Let's get down to the business at hand. Once upon a time, I had no MAC lipsticks, frankly, the idea of spending about 14 quid on a lipstick boggled my mind. How things have changed!
I know own 4. Now it's a picture heavy post but I apologise about the quality, my camera has decided to die and we have to make do with Iphone pics (ooh I got an Iphone 4 by the way! But that's a story for another day !). 

                                            (From left-right) Lovelorn, Pink Plaid, Crosswires, Ladybug

Loverlorn (lustre)

 The name is so pretty! This is a pink with purple undertones and on certain skintones would qualify as a pinky nude. On me, it pulls of more pink than nude. But I always need a lipgloss over it, even if it is a lustre and it has some gloss. Reason for this is that it looks a bit pale on me since I'm dark. Regardless, I love it-and just as an fyi- I really think EVERYONE can wear ANY colour they like, you just have to work with it, you know with a lip liner or lipgloss. Anyhoo!

                                                                 Pink Plaid (matte

Now I know I just said you can wear any colour but God this one makes me rethink that! It requires so much effort and I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought it! Thought it was from a blog sale and it looked darker but hey ho! On me it has really white undertones so I look like I'm ill and just bleurgh! It's also matte and a bit chalky looking. I like my pinks slightly glossy and the only mattes I like are red. So really I was being very optimistic by buying this. But you know some people can rock this.

 Crosswires (cremesheen)

 This is a corally-red that is really gorgeous for summer. It has a slight sheen and is not too drying. Nothing a lipbalm can't sort out. It's pretty opaque but you can dab it on to sheer it for everyday wear.

                                                          Ladybug (lustre)

I would say this is a true red-almost blood red on me anyway. It has almost yellow undertones, it's strange. Nonetheless, I think anyone can pull it off but it's not really my cup of tea. I like my reds deeper and with a pink undertone.

In the pictures it looks similar to Crosswires but they are completely different:

So I hoped you liked the post, and as you can probably tell, I need to learn to pick colours that look good on me and not just in the tube!

Which MAC lipsticks do you own? Do you have a favourite one? Tell me in the comments below! I'm looking for a new one-since I'm going to a party soon (I can't express how excited I am, it's a Masquerade Ball cue girlish screams) and have my eye on Hot Tahiti or Cosmo.

Thanks for reading!!!