Well...hi there! Remember me? No? Oh.
The last time I blogged was October! I did not know it was THAT long ago! Now, I could just show you a pretty picture:

                                            Courtesy of weheartit: Isn't it pretty?                                                              
or I could just give a list? Hmmm??? Shall I do both? Okay anything for you! 
So here's the list: 1. My laptop is broken- it hurts me to say, but my clumsiness *shakes head guiltily.
2. Uni exams and such
3. Lack of inspiration and other things.

But I will be posting more often and just want to throw this out there because I noticed coupla new followers- I just want to say-thank you-you know for not un-following this ridiculous excuse for a blog!

Love and things