'Tis the season to be cosy...

Fa la la la la, la la la la...

The lack of sunshine and late nights makes me want to just curl up in my warm bed and not do anything that requires movement. The only thing that actually makes me look forward to autumn/winter is the colours changing, wearing hats, scarves and layering, hot chocolate etc. So I thought I'd share some of my current 'loves'.

Not only does this mug remind me of my, frankly, awesomeness, it was a 'gift' from one of my closest friends and it looks like it was just made for hot chocolate and whipped cream. 

From New Look and it's on sale now!
I got this cardigan in the biggest size I could find (18) so I could just snuggle inside it. My mum hates how looks because it does make me look a bit like a green bear/granny but even she admits it is warm and cosy! 

'My armour':

1. New Look: This actually had a bobble but I felt too much like an extra from the Bobinogs so I er pulled it off. 

2. Deichmann: These cut off gloves were an impulse buy and I've been wearing them every time I go out, only downside is my fingers get a tad cold!

3. I got this scarf/shawl as a present years ago from my uncle in Germany so I'm not sure where you can get it. 

                                So what are your favourites?



Obsessing over:

Loved these! 
Getting back into reading! It's bad timing but hey ho better late than never eh! Even if I should be knuckling down to do all my uni work, I can multitask sort of.

Current go to lipstick.
I've been trying to rotate the lipsticks I use, found this gem and I've finally found a way to make it work for me needless to say love it! 

Hero in a tube I'll tell ya!
I have mildly sensitive lips and they react badly to several lip balms and I've been trying to find one that doesn't give me an allergic reaction and moisterises etc. and this is essentially the 'answer to my prayers' thank the lord! :)

Istanbul! Oh how I miss thee!
 We went to Istanbul in the summer for a few days and my God is it beautiful. It is drenched in history and is a mix of the old and new. I think I'm going to dedicate a whole post to this magical place (least of we thought so!). 

Slightly over dosing on these!
You know you're never too old for sweets, as long as you take care of your teeth and all you'll be fine! Well that's my way of thinking, so I don't feel guilty. Ever since I was small I loved the jelly sweets you know like gummy bears etc. then I grew up and realised that most sweets like that I can't have because they have gelatine in them and all. Now there's halal ones and I'm essentially making up for lost time! Oh and did you know there are now HALAL Haribos?

 *faints with joy*


#1 Hunger Games Trilogy

Hey There!

So I recently finished reading the Hunger Games (recently being months ago) and it released the inner (and highlighted the outer) geek in me.

 I love books. It’s a statement and a declarative. I love the smell of well-thumbed, slightly dog-eared books that have been read and loved. Seriously, I’m extremely anti-Kindle. It doesn't compare to cuddling up with a good book and turning the pages with these magical things called fingers. I digress.
credit: weheartit

Needless to say, there are some good books and bad books. There are good books that capture your interest and flow and then there are good books. The kind of book that appears in every say 10 books. Rare as pearls, magical, special and mind blowing. I know, it’s a book but like I said earlier I love books so this fanatic-ness is to be expected really. 

But seriously, I’m sure you’ve read a book that really grips you and you’re drawn into the world that is being described. The characters become so real to you and everything that happens to them you feel. Everything else pales in comparison to the drama and intrigue unfolding in this world. The rare times you have to stop reading, it still plagues your mind. Or am I the only one like this? The kind of story that even when you finish the remnants of the magic of the book is still with you and it slowly fades away. 

Anyhow, God I go on! The point is the Hunger Games trilogy fits the bill. It was all kinds of gripping! I’m sure by now you've read it and/or watched the movie.

credits: weheartit
Set in the future, in Panem, where everything is controlled by the Capitol, the world is divided into 12 districts. The Hunger games is an annual event where 2 tributes (one boy and a girl) from each district have to fight each other to death. 

All I can say is - read the book, there's intrigue, love, adventure, excitement; it might make you laugh, it might make you cry and you might fall in love with the characters. You and I might have different tastes, but I love it and you might too.
credits: weheartit


Dear 14 yr Old Self

It's 2012 now and you're 20. Not that many people will believe you. Also, your 'baby' sister is actually now in Yr 8, the only boy in your family has started college and your other sister has started uni. Yes time flies. 

Now let's talk about you. I don't know how to put it, but grow a backbone love! Seriously who cares that your 'friends' are really the meanest, lowlifes the world has ever had the misfortune to see? So what if everyone thinks you're slightly odd and a whole lotta weird? Being nice and everybody's friend doesn't always mean that everyone will be your friend or for that matter be nice to you! 
Don't beat yourself up about it! It will get better! (Except in Yr 10 STAY AWAY from the new girl and the 'crew', trust me on this one! And you need to become less naive!)

Be strong, it's one girl whose causing you all that grief. Granted she could get a medal in bitchiness (excuse me) but I'll let you in on a little secret; Yr 10 she'll be a nobody just have patience, although you'll dislike her for most of your life. Don't worry I'm working on getting over it!

I'm sorry that your 3 yrs at secondary school have been miserable but even if school's not the best, at least you have loads of actual friends outside of school. Be grateful for them, without them, I don't know what you would become.

You know that belief you have in your abilities? Hold on to it! Even if your class and your teachers don't believe in you. Oh and Hooyo (mum) will become your rock, be mindful of the stress you've put her through, be thankful for her and once in a while come downstairs and try to be happy, only for her sake? She's saving you from depression love, you just don't know it yet.

14yr old me, I'm here to tell you that believing in yourself pays off. Even if only education wise. You'll have a happy ending (sort-of). You'll go to college and you'll have the best two years of your life (so far) and meet some of the most amazing people, you'll be studying subjects you love, you'll have teachers that actually believe in you and bring the best out of you and you wanna know who everybody's best friend is? You. You'll even win an award (Oscar's style because of your grades!). You'll go to the best uni and meet even more awesome people and make all kinds of memories. 

So just hold on and have patience, it's all going to turn out okay.


Ps. Stop kidding yourself, you're not going to be a soldier or a marine biologist or forensic scientist or CSI...

MAC See Sheer, Review and Swatches

Hola mi lovelies!

Yep another lipstick! I do apologise if they're not your thing, thought I don't know if you're aware of this but I have a slight addiction to them! The lipstick in question here is MAC See Sheer, which is a Lustre.

I picked this up sometime this week and I'm in love with it! I had dragged my poor sister to the MAC store and proceeded to swatch the 10million plus lipsticks there! I say poor because she has zero interest in makeup! Finally having covered my hands in swatches and forgetting what colour was for what lipstick, I asked her to pick one. She picked See Sheer and I was literally in shock at how fast she chose it and how well it suited me! Anyway!

MAC describes See Sheer as a 'grapefruit pink' and I think that's a pretty accurate description. The pictures don't do it justice. It's almost coral but more pink than orange if that makes any sense! 

Left: Heavy swatch, Right: One swipe

As it's a lustre, it's pretty sheer (but pigmented enough to make my two-toned lips one colour) and has a sheen. However, you can build it up. It's the perfect colour to transition from Summer to Autumn and I for one will be wearing it all year round. Why limit yourself eh? If it looks good-rock it gurlfreeennddd! Sorry.

On my pigmented lips the colour is more muted and brightens up my face. 

Bare lips

Wearing See sheer

Whatever complexion you are, you should go and check this out! It'll suit anybody but keep in mind that it'll look different on different skin tones. 

See Sheer is available here and retails for a rather painful £14.

    So tell me, what's your favourite MAC lipstick? And if you haven't got one, which one appeals to you the most? 

Thanks for reading!


17 Lipstick in Belle

Hola mi lovelies!

Excuse the label-forgot to take it off!
 I wanted to share with you one of my recent favourites! I've been wearing 'Belle' almost daily. It gives me a subtle tint and being from the 17 Mirror Shine On range, it's glossy. 

It such a perfect everyday colour and suits many skin tones! This might be because it's sheer and the colour in the tube doesn't translate onto the lips, instead it's lighter, giving a soft hint of colour.  

However it does have it's downsides! 
1. Due to it's glossiness, it doesn't last very long. But being so sheer, you don't have to faff about with a mirror to apply it. 

2. The smell is not too strong but it has a plastic sort of scent that am not too fond of. 

3. Also, it's very soft and melts fast! Really, mine is now a mess! 
4. Some people may not be too fond of the packaging, though personally I quite like it!
5. Not too moisturising. However applying a little lipbalm before hand solves this one! 

On the upside though, for the grand price of £4.59 you get pretty good quality lipstick/lipgloss hybrid that isn't sticky or heavy and suits almost everybody! 

You can find these in Boots or here.

 What are your favourite everyday lipsticks? 


Brows, brows, brows: HD Brows kit in Vamp

Hola mi frambuesas!

I just called you a raspberry, you don't mind do you? La frambuesa-such a pretty word! Go on say it! *cough* I digress!

Please ignore the lid-I got nail polish remover on and it left a lovely grey patch!
 You know how nice brows frame your face? Well I've been blessed with sparse misshapen brows. Not only that, but I'm lucky enough to have one eyebrow that is permanently raised (fun fact; I can't physically raise that one, how fascinating am I HA!). Saddest thing? My brother has two perfectly arched brows and my sister has perfectly curved brows. I have one of each. Wanna see?

They look okay here, but in reality-I look a tad bald and half surprised! So the only solution (apart from threading and all of that which apart from being a right chicken, I'm sure that if any part was removed I'll wind up with no eyebrows) is filling them in. 

I got this handy little palette; 'HD Brows kit in Vamp' in a blog sale. I use the colour Dark Brown (which should really be called grey) with the E.L.F Small Angled brush. Truth be told I haven't got the hang of it quite yet. I had taken an after picture but being a hero, I deleted it! (hangs head in shame). But here's a 'professionally' cropped picture!

I haven't gone all the way in because whenever I do I look like I have a uni brow!

The shadows can be used to fill in the eyebrows, as eye shadows and as eyeliner just to add extra definition. It also comes with a mirror. Pretty compact and useful for on the go, for example blending a little Rich Brown or Carbon into your crease to take your makeup from day to night-such endless possibilities!
Onto swatches! 
Lightly swatched

Heavily swatched
There are three different ones-Bombshell, Foxy and Vampy, each catered to different hair colours. Vampy is the one for dark hair. You can get it here for £19.96. Pretty steep but oh so worth it! 

What do you use for your eyebrows? Or are you one of those blessed with perfect brows? 

Reflections #1


001. I want a toned body with abs of steel (HA!) but I'm far too lazy and too fond of my junk food (how can I cut back on the gorgeousness that is Kit Kat peanut butter chunky?) to do anything about it. 

002. Exercise eludes me-determination and persevering are not in my dictionary. The rare times I try to exercise-like today-the physical pain and grunting involved as I strain to lift myself off the floor (I can barely do 1 push up -pathetic!) illustrates that any sporting/strength gene in my family has bypassed me in favour of the rest of my siblings. 

Thought according to my parents I used to be the most active, hyper kid so maybe said gene is now dormant. The only time I can do anything remotely active is if there's someone standing over me-yelling military style- I kid you not. Fear is really a powerful driving force. Even if the source is pint sized and I look down on from my lofty almost 6ft height.

003. I'm too good at excuses. The main one being that it doesn't matter, I'll start martial arts again and it'll all drop off'. The second one- gah! Why is martial arts so freaking expensive! I'll just wait till I get my student grant. 

004. I really want abs. You know that lean kinda stomach with the elongated belly button because the muscles are so damn toned? Really? No idea? Well I want that!

005. The only thing I enjoy is swimming. But the nearest leisure centre now has male lifeguards. WHY?!? It's women only! (muslim=hijab so big no no!)

So, I have a new plan now. Running up & down the stairs every morning and night. You know prepare myself for when I eventually start martial arts again and this time the Sensei won't have to yell much at me! Great plan eh! I'm going to start it tomorrow! 


Hola mi beauties!

Just a quick heads up-I've finally joined the rest of the world and got myself a Twitter account! Thought it boggles my mind- I'm sort of getting the hang of it! If you want to make my day :p you can follow me here

Also if any of you lovelies has a Twitter account-do make sure to link it down below! I would love to check it out! 

Muchos gracias!


Feeling ill? Google is not the answer!

Hi there!

Have you ever felt unwell and thought why go to the doctor's when I have the bleedin internet? No...? Okay. Just me then.

Well let me just tell you in advance-avoid googling your symptoms- under no circumstances should you do that! You will convince yourself that you're on the verge of death! You have been warned! 

Being the hero I am, coupla months ago I had a really bad stomach, I'm not going to go into details! Let's just say I became very acquainted with the toilet- make of that what you will!
So I thought hey, I'll just google my symptoms and not go to the doctors! How clever am I!  

After hours of researching, each solution worse than the last, I had come to the conclusion that I either had pancreatic cancer,bowel cancer and/or colon cancer! Each involved cutting things out of my stomach if I remember correctly and sticking things up places that are better left alone. 
Needless to say after two weeks of agony, fear of the doctor (hello sticking things up places!) and waiting for my inevitable death, it all just turned out to be that apparently Pepsi and my stomach don't work too well together. Especially if large quantities are consumed.

Moral of this story?
I shouldn't drink Pepsi.


Blog design

Hi there!

I've been trying to design this blog and things are all over the place. Especially since I'm totally illiterate in computer-speak (see what I did there?? Ah the fun we have here-not). 
This is just a quick heads up that things are going to be quite mad around here for a bit!

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Things that make me happy #1

There's always a time that you feel a tad out of sorts-I'm having one of those moments so I thought I'd just remind myself of the little things that make me happy! 

001. Dancing and singing around the house-not that I can sing well, or dance!

002. Sunshine
003. The Freedom of Summer

004. That Autumn Feeling- crisp nights, sharp air, soothing warmth, big jumpers and hoodies, snuggly nights, hot drinks and books that take you to far away lands, cosy nights and candles, and coming home after a long cold day.


005. Cherry Blossom/Sakura 



Sleek Contour Kit-Dark

Hola mi beauties!

     Contouring helps bring back dimension to your face after applying foundation. If done right it can help give the illusion of slimmer face with sharp cheekbones. You can use it anywhere on your face that needs a little definition. 

     The Sleek Face Contour Kit is perfect for this. Being of a 'darker complexion' it's hard to find a contour that actually shows up on my skin. This one thought I actually have to be careful not get carried away and end up looking burned!

   It comes with a highlighting colour which is not the best, and the contouring colour. Now this is sheer magic I tell ya! It makes my nose look slimmer and more defined and my cheeks all kinds of amazing!

 If you're looking for a new contour colour-do check this one out next time your in Superdrug. It lasts relatively well during the day and comes in 3 colours-Light, Dark and Medium and costs £6.49. What's not to love? 

 Sleek can be found in Superdrug or online

          What do you use to contour? Or do you skip this step? 

Thanks for reading!


Wishlist #1

Hey lovelies!

So I thought I'd show you a few things I've been wanting nay needing

1. YSL Touche Eclat: This is the one thing I really want need. I've been looking for a good concealer that hides my dark, dark circles and apparently this does just that! So why not try it eh! Well...even though it costs over £20 pounds-I may just treat myself to it!

2. This bat wing style top is so perfect! Especially since it goes in in all the right places for my tall, curvy self! 

3. Bioderma: I have heard so much wonderful things about this cleanser! It has done the rounds in the blogsphere countless of times and I'm itching to try it and see if it's as good as everyone says. Too bad it's hard/a hassle to get hold of in the UK!

4. YSL rouge volupte: Another YSL product! I'll tell ya it's been downhill for me since I tried the foundation and now have some kind of 'taste' for luxurious products! The packaging, oh the packaging it is the epitome of luxury- in my opinion! The lipstick itself is creamy with a fruity kinda scent. But the price is so painful! Then again I've been wanting this for a very long time so here's hoping I win the lottery!

5. Real Techniques Core Collection: These are by Samantha Chapman-of the pixiwoos-need I say more??

6. I adore (I also adore italics :D) this skirt. Especially the pretty birds that go so beautifully with the navy colour. It's also high waisted and is on sale. WIN WIN! Thought I'm meant to be on a spending ban...

                          So what things have you been wanting? 


E.L.F Mango Madness

Hi there!

I was looking at my nail polishes and I saw E.L.F's Mango Madness. I used to wear this colour all the time! But for the past how many months I've been obsessed with mint green and lilac and have worn rarely anything else. So for old times sake I though I'd wear it. My oh my is it bright! It's a coral but leaning heavily towards orange-it's much brighter in real life and perfect for summer. Too bad we're not getting much sun thought! 

So what are you lovely people wearing on your nails??



Team GB!!



So Britain is going ga-ga for the Olympics and I have been well and truly bitten by the sporting bug! 
Now before the opening ceremony I was very blasé about it all and now I'm following the medal count and the games with baited breath! This might have something to do with the fact that this is the first Olympics I've ever watched and it is being held in Britain! 
There is something so inspiring about seeing the athletes, who have been training for this moment for so long, their dedication and seeing their reactions when they win for their country. We're being given a glimpse into the greatest moment of their life. They're living their dream. 

Yet at the same time, it makes me wonder what I'm doing with my life. Will I achieve my dreams? Are they even achievable? Realistic? Then yesterday, that wonderful historic Saturday, made me realise I can be whoever I want to be as long as I give it my best shot because if GB can win six Olympic GOLD medals in one day, and if one of those can be won by a Somali-Brit in the 10,000m, maybe this Somali-Brit can the travel world, become a journalist and change the world. 


Battle of the Cleansers!

The cleansers

The cleansers in question are the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing water and the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm (phew! What a mouthful!).
Now, I've been using the Emma Hardie cleanser for a long time since I got it in the Feel Unique beauty box ( a minute of silence please for this wonderful box, it was good while it lasted!) and the No7 cleanser I got more recently. For me there is a clear winner but admittedly each cleanser does have its advantages.

                             No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water:
Price: £9
Available at: Boots or Boots.com
The Product: It's all in the name! This is a water based cleanser that can be used either with a cotton pad or your hands to cleanse and refresh.
Pros: Well I had to rack my brains for this! The price is a clear advantage as it costs less than a tenner and with the occasional £5 off vouchers Boots have, it costs a mere £4. It's easy to use as it has a pump and you just need cotton pads or you can use your hands. Much easier than a bleedin muslin cloth which is wonderful and all but gets so dirty and nothing irritates me more!

Cons:  The smell! Oh Lord it is strong and very alcoholic! As in medicinal alcohol. However, I think I may just have a very sensitive nose as my sister didn't find it too bad. 
When I use it, it feels like it is stripping my skin of everything thought I think this has to do with the smell. Yet when I used my EH cleanser over this, there was still residue on the muslin cloth. 
Final Thoughts: For me, I'm not too fond of this and would probably not repurchase. Nonetheless keep in mind that we all have different skin types so it may work for you!

                                         EH Cleanser
Price: £34 
Available at: Feelunique.com
The Product: A cleansing balm which is used with a muslin cloth to cleanse, moisturise amongst a host of other benefits. 

Pros: It feels gentle and wonderfully soothing and leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and glowing. You only need a tiny amount which you mix with a few drops of warm water, massage into your skin and then using a muslin cloth to wash it off. I adore this product and I really don't want it to finish! It takes off all the grime of the day and leaves my skin feeling fresh and lovely. 
Cons: It costs a painful £34!

Final Thoughts: Frankly I'm rationing it as it costs so much! But it does last forever and actually does what it says so I might just buy the full size! 

                  Verdict: EH cleanser wins by a milestone :)

I hope you liked this essay of a post and tell me in the comments what your favourite cleansers are?



MAC lipstick obsession

So hi there!!!

 I know I know. I suck at blogging but I have a plethora of blog posts, okay maybe just two or three but you know it's something eh?
Let's get down to the business at hand. Once upon a time, I had no MAC lipsticks, frankly, the idea of spending about 14 quid on a lipstick boggled my mind. How things have changed!
I know own 4. Now it's a picture heavy post but I apologise about the quality, my camera has decided to die and we have to make do with Iphone pics (ooh I got an Iphone 4 by the way! But that's a story for another day !). 

                                            (From left-right) Lovelorn, Pink Plaid, Crosswires, Ladybug

Loverlorn (lustre)

 The name is so pretty! This is a pink with purple undertones and on certain skintones would qualify as a pinky nude. On me, it pulls of more pink than nude. But I always need a lipgloss over it, even if it is a lustre and it has some gloss. Reason for this is that it looks a bit pale on me since I'm dark. Regardless, I love it-and just as an fyi- I really think EVERYONE can wear ANY colour they like, you just have to work with it, you know with a lip liner or lipgloss. Anyhoo!

                                                                 Pink Plaid (matte

Now I know I just said you can wear any colour but God this one makes me rethink that! It requires so much effort and I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought it! Thought it was from a blog sale and it looked darker but hey ho! On me it has really white undertones so I look like I'm ill and just bleurgh! It's also matte and a bit chalky looking. I like my pinks slightly glossy and the only mattes I like are red. So really I was being very optimistic by buying this. But you know some people can rock this.

 Crosswires (cremesheen)

 This is a corally-red that is really gorgeous for summer. It has a slight sheen and is not too drying. Nothing a lipbalm can't sort out. It's pretty opaque but you can dab it on to sheer it for everyday wear.

                                                          Ladybug (lustre)

I would say this is a true red-almost blood red on me anyway. It has almost yellow undertones, it's strange. Nonetheless, I think anyone can pull it off but it's not really my cup of tea. I like my reds deeper and with a pink undertone.

In the pictures it looks similar to Crosswires but they are completely different:

So I hoped you liked the post, and as you can probably tell, I need to learn to pick colours that look good on me and not just in the tube!

Which MAC lipsticks do you own? Do you have a favourite one? Tell me in the comments below! I'm looking for a new one-since I'm going to a party soon (I can't express how excited I am, it's a Masquerade Ball cue girlish screams) and have my eye on Hot Tahiti or Cosmo.

Thanks for reading!!!