What's in my bag?

There's something delightfully strange about looking at 'what's in my bag' posts. Who knew how fascinating it was and who knew I was such a nosy, nosy person. Anyway here is what's in my humble no name bag. I have literally just emptied my uni bag and just arranged stuff to make it more presentable. Everything here, albeit a few receipts, some chocolate wrappers and tissue (which I all conveniently removed in an attempt to look slightly more organised), is what I carry to uni. Yes, I surprised myself too.

 Firstly the bag.

I adore this bag.It's a beautiful deep plum colour and is from Red Herring (at least that's what the label says) in Debenhams. I bought it sometime before summer I think and I couldn't find it online, but it may still be in store.
It doesn't carry much in the big pocket, so everything has to be put in strategically. But in the smaller one, chaos reigns!

Colourful Union Jack folder: I am drawn to bright things. All my uni stuff i.e. lecture notes/presentations are in here.

Purple Filofax: In an attempt to structure my time, know what work am meant to do and when. Progress? Epic fail. Hopefully (promise!) starting tomorrow I'm actually going to do the work written in there.

Uni card: You need these things. You know, for the library and all that. It's in a purple neck thingy, I was so excited when I got it since my college never had them. The excitement wore off after a coupla days. 

Pens and some papers: I like blue instead of black pens and like a typical girl I like to underline etc. with a dark pink (if you by any chance cared!). I had this amazing pen with FOUR different colours. Two on one end and two on the other, so it comes out both ends. There was purple and pink on one side and light blue and green on the other. Isn't that AWESOME? No? Okay. 
Sadly, I lost it a few days ago. Yes, it's okay to be kinda upset over losing a pen right?

Ah, this is where things start to get a tad unusual. 
Phone:  A Sony Ericsson one that I've had for donkeys years. There's a long story attached to this phone, because believe it or not, I am on my third one, of the same phone. 
Lip stuff: I generally throw stuff into the small pocket of the bag and then forget what I put in there. This is why I have two lipsticks, two lipbalms and a lipgloss. Lipsticks are No.17 lasting fix lipstick in Toffee Waffle and No. 7 lipstick in Showy which was in my September favourites. Lipgloss is Topshop Glaze in Laid back (amazing smell!) and an EOS lipbalm (err don't fall for the hype?) and Carmex. 
Soap and Glory Handfood: I can't go out without this. Simples.
H&M Exotic Guava bodysplash: Once upon a time I used love this because it reminded me of a holiday I went to couple years ago. Then H&M changed the smell and packaging. 
Stuff: Two highlighters, two sticky notes (I just realised that they used to be in a pack, I have no idea where that went). A random badge that says 'Stupid factory, where boys are made', I honestly don't know why this is there. A lone bobby pin, I wear a headscarf, I am generally not in need of bobby pins when I am outside. A glue stick-I do English Language-I have never needed glue, and the latest ring I was wearing. I always tend to take my rings off towards the end of the day and put them in my bag. 

And lastly:

My purse: I don't know where it's from- I swapped with my friend who liked my purse- but it's chunky and has a snakeskin design.
Keys: With my memory stick, compass and a key chain.
Card: From a charity organisation, it has a cool effect when you move it. Again, I am easily amused.
Tin: This awesome thing came with Bodyform, it says on the back 'Caress me, but don't mess up my hair. I'm VANITY in person.' By the way, this is where I keep my pads-a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do (I've always wanted to say that!). Never ever leave the house without a pad/tampon or whatever, in your bag, from experience, it ain't pretty.
More stuff: A DKNY Be Delicious Eau De Toilette sample. It smell lovely. Stickers, for when I was going on holiday and stuck them all over my suitcase cause I'am cool like that. I didn't know what to do with the rest, so they have a permanent residence in my bag and finally, a WHSmith 20% card thing. 

So, that concludes my post-what's in your bag? Really I'd like to know (evil smile).
Thanks for reading! Adios! Hasta luego!!