Tired Thoughts

Knackered does not cover it! I am beyond tired and ache all over. The sad part? It wasn't because of exercise or something. No. Yours truly had a full day at uni. I am emotionally drained. Let me tell you my lovely reader, I had three lectures in a row, then a break and then two more classes. It’s taking me way too long to get into a routine! Being off uni for like four months, I may have forgotten everything. Literally. Anyway! Moving on!

I have now come to the conclusion that I am very, very bad with money. Especially lots of money- like my student grant. I feel a bit sick every time I think of the money I have spent, what I need and how much is left. I have tried and tried to ‘save’ and ‘economise’ but I see something pretty and bam all the steely resolution I had built up is gone and I am going home with a lovely feeling in my heart but having an ‘omigod’ panic attack in my head.

Another thing, I have forgotten how to structure my time! That’s not good, especially in uni-not good at. All. Previously I thought I was an organised person who (generally) did everything the teacher asked. No more, I have lost all my skills (if you can call it that)!
 On a side note, I have come to the conclusion that to structure my time, I need a Filofax, preferably a really cute green one, that I saw in WhSmiths, with flowery kinda designs and a hefty price tag of £27. Life can suck sometimes.