Pretty things make me happy

1. Purple Filofax:

Wonderful reader, I gave up resisting but I compromised (with...myself?) so all is not lost J. You may or may not have read my previous post, but I wanted to get a Filofax yet didn't want to waste money.
So yea... I got one.
 Instead of the £27 one however, I got an AH-mazing purple one for 16 quid. I can't believe I overlooked this little gem! See the elastic band? It reminds of this movie trailer with a soldier who get's injured I think and forgets who he is and all he's got left is this little black book stuffed with letters and pictures. Ever since then I wanted something that looks like it stores all the memories and letters and everything. Obviously this is an organiser but it looks like that.

2. My gorgeous boots:

I used to be a trainers, Converses and the occasional sandals kinda girl. But these few years, I have become obsessed with boots (and lipsticks J) but had yet to find boots that ticked all the boxes for me. Until...a few days ago. 
New Look have opened a clearance store in town, so I had to take a little nosey around and saw these boots but I didn't find them all that. Then a couple of days ago, I saw them again and randomly decided to try them on. It was love at first (2nd?) sight!
They are warm, have that awesome biker look and at the same time look like builders shoes so I can stomp, stomp around. Oh, and they have a good grip. Seriously, last winter I had some ankle boots that had no grip whatsoever. It snowed and snow turns to deadly, treacherous ice. Let's just say, I went back to my trainers. 
Anyway, they cost a measly 15 quid! The original price sticker said £69.99, which was then reduced to £30. But aaahhhh!!! Isn't it just WONDERFUL? 
 God I love them! 
3. Lipsticks!

I got some new lipsticks! *cue girlish excitement* (from left to right):
Rimmel lipstick by Kate Moss in 05 
Revlon Colourburst in 075 Peach
Topshop Lipstick in Confessions
No7 Wild Volume lipstick in 15 Forever Cherry (you can see where I spend my Boots No.7 £5 off vouchers right?) 
And finally another Rimmel lipstick by Kate Moss in 12.

Thanks for reading! So, what little things made you happy??
Adios, hasta luego!