Lipstick Lustings!

I have become OBSESSED with lipsticks! I have already mentally spent much of my student grant on them. So to prevent myself from splurging and getting all that my fickle heart desires, I thought I’d make list. To separate the ‘want’ from the ‘need’ (yes it’s a need!). In no particular order here they are!
1.       Topshop lipsticks;
Brighton Rock:
Need I explain? Just look at it! The packaging, the colour, everything is awesome!!


Yes it’s very bright but ever since Zoella (check her out here) mentioned it in one of her videos-instant love!
(Both pictures taken from the Topshop website: http://www.topshop.com/ )

2. 17 Mirror Shine On lipstick

I already own one of these lipsticks, and I want to try more and I have almost finished it so buying a new one is a necessityJ.   

3.      Rimmel Kate Lasting finish lipstick

They are new to Boots and to be honest I am drawn in by the packaging (yes I know marketing and all that!) its chic and I like the simple red writing.
None of them have names and are identified by numbers which is bleeh (very articulately put, even if I do say so myselfJ)

(Picture from Boots website www.boots.com )

4.       MAC lipstick in Vegas Volt
You can never have too many coral lipsticks! This lipstick is gorgeous! Shame about the hefty price tag. I am still trying to justify the need to buy a lipstick that costs £13.50 which I probably won’t wear that often but we’ll see. Don’t be too surprised when you see it featured in a haul or something! I also want a nude one by mac, my logic is, since it’s a nude, I’ll wear it all the time but I just don’t know which nude I like!

So that concludes my lipstick lustings not too bad considering! Hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to comment and tell me your lipstick lustings, if there are any. Thank you for reading!!!