Because it's a Monday – No.12

Attempted to do a doodle of one of my favourite quotes - background inspired by Mandie

Well, it's been a while hasn't it! I haven't blogged in so long that I'm feeling a little awkward writing this . . .

So, I suppose this is just to say 'hey' and I've missed having this little space of mine!

A x


The Love Shack | Jane Costello (A review and other things)

The Love Shack | Suitcase Magazine | MAC Rebel 

Can we take a moment to admire this lovely coral? I've made it my mission to convince the Design team at work to use a shade of coral for one of our books and I think I might be close!

Now, let's head into the actual post!

The Love Shack - Jane Costello:

This funny book is about a couple trying to buy their first house together and because all of their money is going into trying to get their dream house, they end up having to live with the boyfriend's rather eccentric, no-nonsense and blunt (to the point of being painfully embarrassing) mother.

Now, even though I had my reservations about the title (Love Shack . . . nope, still don't like it) it's a good little light book - funny, adorable and with substance. Though at times it did feel like it was dragging it's heels but thankfully everything is nicely resolved.

So if you're looking for an easy read with rather loveable characters - give this a go - even if for that pretty jacket!

SUITCASE Magazine and MAC Rebel:

I've mentioned both of these before on this here blog - (MAC Rebel here and a glancing mention for SUITCASE here) but ama mention them again! Because manz is well obsessed wiv dem Rebel tings innit? Okay, okay. My sincerest apologies. Moving on!

So SUITCASE is basically a travel, beauty and fashion blog in a magazine! What more could you ask for?? I just wish it was published monthly (though I still need to get the latest issue . . . ps. it used to be £5 and now it's £6! What the hell Suitcase?! I kid!)

And you all probably know my love affair with Rebel and if you don't, feel free to peruse my blog and have a gold star if you can tell me how many times I mention it!

Anyway! What have you read recently? And what else are you currently enjoying?
Until next time!


Rediscovering Old Favourites: MAC Lustering and MAC Mineralize Concealer

I did a little makeup reshuffle recently as I was using the same things over and over again (namely Rule Breaker lipstick and MAC Capricious which we all know I freaking adore) and came across MAC Lustering - a warm pink that pulls more blue than red on me, and MAC Mineralize concealer in NW50 which was my go to concealer a while back.

I actually forgot how much I used to like these - especially the concealer which is just lovely. And it feels extra awesome because I didn't have to spend a penny! Excuse me while I try to unearth more treasures in my makeup collection! (Gosh the dramatics!)

Have you come across any forgotten favourites? 
Until next time! 


Because it's a Monday | No. 11

Happy New Year! May Allah make it a brilliant and blessed one! And in aid of it being a time of new beginnings and all of that - here's a Marc Jacobs qoute gorgeously rendered by Courtney Shelton.


Five Favourites from the Week | No. 7

These are a few of my favourite things!

LORALI by Laura Dockrill:
This is one of those books I kept putting off to read - simply because I really wanted to like it - and having finally got round to reading it, I really liked it!! It's so wonderfully written and a wild roller-coaster of a tale! Laura Dockrill is one talented lady (and utterly lovely!).

Instagram | @AsmaaWrites
I mentioned finally getting round to posting on my blog related Instagram in my Little Notes - and I've been proper getting into it - it is so much fun and I cannot believe it took me so long!

Little doodles:
Another thing I've been really quite enjoying is doodling - little things like this and this. I'm working on getting better and all but so far digging it!

Revlon Lipbutter in Wild Watermelon:
I did a review of this earlier in the week so I'll spare you - but this colour is definitely one to try!

That is - wearing several rings at one time, like the little rebel I am (not). Especially these ones from New Look that are so lightweight (albeit a little too big for me) that I barely feel them. Which is basically the best!

What are your favourites from the week then?
Until next time!


Monsters | Emerald Fennel - A Review

MONSTERS by Emerald Fennel

This book though! I've been pushing it at everyone for the longest time because it is so utterly brilliant.

In a nutshell it's 'a book about two kids that's definitely not for kids'. It so deliciously dark, and a little bleak. But the dry humour is what really makes it - there are actually some laugh out loud moments but also 'gosh I shouldn't be laughing that's terrible' times too. Though the ending did leave me a little horrified so there's that!

If you're looking for a slightly unsettling yet darkly humorous read, with plenty of murder - this will definitely be right up your street!

So what book would you recommend?
Until next time!


Revlon Wild Watermelon Lip Butter | A Review

Revlon Wild Watermelon

I know, I know, tis the season for dark plum lips and deep berry shades (like the stunner that is 17 Rule Breaker . . . ), but do you see this beautiful bright reddish orange?? It's one of those that brighten your whole face and that's always a win in my book!

As with the rest of the Revlon Lip Butter range, it's creamy and moisturising (like the name would suggest . . .) and lasts pretty well for what it is!

Even though Wild Watermelon is a perfect Summer hue - another of my favourites - Red Velvet is just the shade for this weather. Though at the moment, I'm enjoying Wild Watermelon too much!

Have you tried the Lip Butters?
Until next time!